Bostik has entered an alliance with Maniscalco/Artistic Stone Gallery an Australian manufacturer/importer of glass, metal and stone tile materials.

Bostik has entered into a strategic alliance with Maniscalco/Artistic Stone Gallery, a manufacturer/importer of glass, metal and stone tile materials.

"There was a lot of misinformation throughout the industry regarding how to install our type of products," said Kieron Wiley, Maniscalco's director of business development. "Bostik has offered many cogent answers to this. For example, it has already provided us with an excellent user guide, indicating precisely how to install our products with its adhesives and grouts. It's important to us, due to the scope of high-end products we offer the marketplace, that these are always installed correctly."

With its international headquarters in Sydney, Australia, and American facilities in San Carlos, Calif., and Dallas, Maniscalco brandishes a company catchphrase proclaiming, 'Maniscalco. Australian for Mosaics.'

"Not only has our organization continually grown here, there seems to be a real interest in the Aussie way of doing business," said Rob Maniscalco, president of the company. "This basically comes down to being totally honest with customers, working as hard as we possibly can, exercising strong listening skills. Without question, we are excited about working together with Bostik, and look forward to some amazing future synergies when the Kangaroo (our company's/home country's symbol) and the Gecko (which now appears on all Bostik branding) collaborate."

According to James Allred, Bostik's consumer and construction business unit territory sales manager, "Rob Maniscalco and his team are outstanding business partners for Bostik. They exude positivism and are just fun to be around. Besides that, they are great friends who add a fresh perspective to the way we do business. We are super-excited about the partnership at hand and are grateful that Maniscalco picked Bostik to help its customers and the industry as a whole to improve glass tile and mosaic installation practices."

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