wagner meters update
Wagner now has a free firmware update for its Rapid RH DataMaster.

Wagner Meters has released a free firmware update for its Rapid RH DataMaster.

A pocket-sized device, DataMaster combines Bluetooth technology with touch screen controls to automatically record and store Rapid RH test results. Used with the Rapid RH Smart Sensors, the DataMaster and Bluetooth Reader combination allows users to acquire the internal relative humidity and temperature of a concrete slab via Bluetooth technology, according to the company. This data can then be uploaded to f2170reports.com, ensuring data integrity and proper data documentation to comply with ASTM F2170-11.

The DataMaster firmware update automatically loads job statistics to the f2170reports.com website, rather than users having to create a zip file before uploading data. “With this update we have made DataMaster even better by improving the user experience and making the interface more user-friendly,” said Jason Spangler, sales manager for the Rapid RH product line at Wagner.
Current DataMaster users can download the free update here.
To learn more about Wagner's complete Rapid RH line of concrete moisture testing products, visit wagnermeters.com or call (800) 634-9961 for more information.