The Canadian Flooring Cleaning & Restoration Association (CFCRA)—formerly the Floorcovering Institute of Ontario—is now incorporated as a national not-for-profit association dedicated to the flooring, cleaning and restoration industries, their stakeholders and consumers, across the country.

“CFCRA is the next step in a long evolution. We have grown from a small local group in Toronto in 1962, to the inclusion of the entire province of Ontario to now—Canada,” said Jason Walker, CFCRA's president. “After much consideration and hard work, we are happy to finally be able to introduce to our stakeholder industries an organization that is accountable to its members. CFCRA is being built to engage, inspire and strengthen our industries through services, best practices and industry-specific events. The Canadian flooring, cleaning and restoration industries stand only to benefit from a single, principled, truly national presence focused on providing the tools, resources and educational forums necessary to progress our industries positively and professionally across the entire country.”  

According to Walker, CFCRA will provide a knowledgeable voice to encourage national policies that strengthen the industry as a whole. Its web presence will offer a national voice, presence and source of valuable information, tools and resources not only for its members, but also for consumers. 

“Today is the first step to achieve a national vision,” added Walker. “We look forward to engaging all our colleagues and partners across the country to continue to build an organization based upon professional development, integrity, transparency, collaboration, leadership and camaraderie.” 

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