The Gypsum Association has released the 21st edition of the Fire Resistance Design Manual (FDRM)

Revised on a three-year basis, the manual has been referenced by the model building codes as a source of fire resistive designs for more than 40 years. Now 306 pages, the latest edition contains nearly 100 new systems that supplement existing assemblies for walls and partitions, floor-ceiling systems, area separation walls and many others, according to the association. Among these are 20 new head-of-wall and base-of-wall systems that expand the options for perimeter relief.

A much more interactive digital version of FRDM is available with the latest edition. More like an e-reader than previous PDF versions, according to the association, the new digital manual is searchable, easy to navigate, delivered on demand and allows users to print specific pages for reference. Customers who purchase the electronic version will receive a complimentary hardcopy of the manual. 

FRDM is currently referenced by the International Building Code and The National Fire Codes, as well as state and local jurisdictions in the U.S. and Canada as a source document for fire-resistance and sound-control rated designs that incorporate gypsum board in a variety of building systems. A recently revised ICC-ES Evaluation Report (ESR 1338) also incorporates a reference to the latest edition of FRDM as an acceptable source of generic fire-resistance and sound-control systems.

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