The Brooklyn-based design company of artist Shanan Campanaro, Eskayel, has introduced a collection of recycled sari silk rugs that are hand knotted in India and made with 100% recycled fibers, according to the company.

“Sari silk rugs are as unique as works of art—though similar in design, each rug will have Shanan’s original designs in variations of color and pattern,” said a company representative. “The making of each handwoven recycled sari rug is rooted in its core of silk fibers and the dye. This thriving business in India reflects the richness of its cultures and its resourcefulness as it leaves little to waste.”

Hand knotted in a variety of materials including silks, wools, nettle, linen, aloe, mohair and recycled sari silk, all of Eskayel’s designs can be made into custom carpets of any size, quality and color, according to the company.

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