Color Interiors Floor Center, a Houston-area flooring retailer with three locations, built a pool out of carpet to demonstrate Shaw Floors’ waterproof backing called LifeGuard.

The 8 x 20 x 30-foot pool served as the centerpiece of a customer-appreciation day held at the retailer’s Conroe, Texas location.

“The pool gives us a powerful demonstration to help our consumers understand the waterproof backing,” said Mark Carr, Color Interiors' owner. “If they can see that water doesn’t leak through the pool, they can start to understand how waterproof carpet will give them time to address the everyday spills and accidents that occur in their homes.” 

According to Carr, the pool made out of Shaw’s carpet with LifeGuard backing stood up to the test. There wasn’t a single drop of water that soaked through. 

Shaw has two types of flooring that are waterproof because they are protected with LifeGuard: carpet featuring LifeGuard backing and resilient luxury planks featuring a LifeGuard core. Color Interiors Floor Center managed to showcase both products when they built the pool. The pool was made from carpet in Shaw’s Life Happens carpet collection, which is made with LifeGuard backing. The pool was then surrounded by resilient luxury vinyl planks from Shaw’s Floorte collection. The steps leading into the pool were also made from Floorte.

“One of the biggest threats to any floor is excessive moisture,” said Trey Thames, Shaw's vice president of product and marketing. “Liquid spills and pet accidents can be a common occurrence that can cause staining and unpleasant odors. Carpet with the LifeGuard backing from the Life Happens Carpet Collection keeps liquids of any kind from seeping through the backing and causing damage to your carpet pad or subfloor.” 

Shaw carpets made with LifeGuard waterproof backing also feature Shaw’s R2X Stain and Soil prevention technology. According to the company, with R2X, the carpet fibers have protection around the entire carpet fiber—from the top to the backing. It provides better initial protection and gives you more time to react to a spill. Second, R2X repels everyday soiling. The combination of R2X and LifeGuard waterproof backing provides unprecedented protection.

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