Tarkett's updated iQ Granit homogenous vinyl flooring collection now offers 50 options.

According to the company, iQ Granit is a system of high performing products that work together in commercial spaces, making it easy to transition from one room to another with the same design and color. 

Also new to the company is the iQ Granit Micro line. Its tonal, smaller chip design makes it ideal for healthcare, education, retail, hospitality and corporate applications. Available in 12 colors, Micro is designed to work together with the rest of the iQ Granit line, creating a cohesive look with top of the line performance, according to the company.

iQ Granit and iQ Granit Micro, like all iQ Collections have a through-and-through construction that allows the product to be dry buffed for the life of the product without any need for harmful chemicals, according to Jeremy Salomon, product manager, Tarkett.

“Its unique construction makes it possible to restore the floor’s original, natural beauty, even after years of wear, without resurfacing. Just dry buff,” he said.

For more information, visit tarkett.com.