J+J Flooring Group has issued its latest technical paper, “Flooring and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) – A Challenge to Common Misperceptions.”
The paper can be an important resource for architects, designers and other professionals who are responsible for specifying flooring products or seeking to improve a facility’s indoor air quality. The technical paper is available for free download at http://www.jj-kinetex.com/technical/technical-papers/
The paper comes at a critical time, as modern research indicates that IAQ can impact academic performance in schools, productivity in office environments and health outcomes among patients and staff in hospitals, said the company. As one of the most abundant finishes in the built environment, the proper flooring offers an important opportunity to positively impact IAQ.
Citing multiple, independent, third-party research, published reports and data, the paper focuses specifically on two key areas: The triggers and effects of asthma and allergies, and the effects of VOC emissions and chemicals of concern. Research cited, for example, shows that asthma, one of the most common chronic childhood disorders, accounts for an estimated 14.4 million lost school days through student absenteeism. A proper flooring can substantially minimize air borne particles by sequestering common allergens, irritants and dust, according to the company.
“J+J Flooring Group is committed to being more than just a provider of exceptional commercial flooring products and solutions,” said David Daughtrey, corporate director of business development education and healthcare, J+J Flooring Group. “By exploring critical issues and concerns in the various markets we serve, we strive to be an educational resource for our customers, helping them make informed decisions that can positively affect their projects and facilities.”   
Other technical papers issued by J+J provide information on flooring and acoustics, moisture control, safety and infection control.
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