Cosentino has launched the Dekton Floor and Tile program.

Dekton, a universal architectural application material with extreme strength and performance for interior and exterior applications ranging from countertops to facades and ventilated rainscreens, is now available in large-format tile sizes.

“Porcelain has long been synonymous with high-performing tile material, however Dekton’s new foray into the tile channel offers an extremely versatile new option for tile and flooring applications and ushers in the next generation of products for this segment,” said Carl Harris, director of flooring, Cosentino North America. “The unique technical characteristics of Dekton, from scratch and stain resistance to incredible strength and durability, represent highly desirable performance traits for tile and flooring materials.”

Dekton is an ultra-compact surface composed of a blend of raw materials that undergo a unique technological process known as Particle Sintering Technology—an accelerated version of the metamorphic changes that occur when natural stone is exposed to high pressure and temperature for thousands of years.

According to Harris, Dekton tile will be available nationwide in all 33 Dekton colors in four standard and six special order tile sizes.

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