MAPEI has added Ultracolor Plus FA to its tile-and-stone grout offerings.

The use of a fine aggregate in rapid-setting Ultracolor Plus FA makes it an all-in-one grout replacement for both sanded and unsanded grout, according to the company. It can be used for joint widths from 1/16-inch to ¾-inch.

According to the company, Ultracolor Plus FA is specially formulated with MAPEI’s High-Hydrated Cement Technology (HCT) to eliminate the common problems related to Portland-cement grout, such as color consistency and efflorescence. This new grout also has the added benefit of DropEffect technology, which reduces surface absorption to help repel water, dirt and grime from penetrating grout joints. 

In addition, Ultracolor Plus FA is formulated with 10% recycled content, meeting the ANSI A138.1 specification for GreenSquared certification by the Tile Council of North America (TCNA). It carries the ISO 13007 classification CG2WAF—a cementitious grout (CG) that is improved (2), has reduced water absorption (W), exhibits high abrasion resistance (A) and is rapid-setting (F).

“Ultracolor Plus FA is easy to install and stain-resistant, does not require a sealer and is available in all 40 colors of the new MAPEI color palette,” said David Mowery, MAPEI Tile and Stone Installation Systems’ business manager for color products and UltraCare.

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