Crossville is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

The company is U.S. owned and operated, with headquarters and manufacturing facilities located in Crossville, Tenn. As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Curran Group, Crossville benefits from exceptional support and infrastructure that has made its 30 years of success possible.

In addition to being the first tile manufacturer in Tennessee, the company has been the forerunner in many innovations, achieving an impressive list of industry “firsts” in its three decades in business.

“Simply put, our success is all attributable to the people who do the work at Crossville,” said Tim Curran, co-president of the Curran Group. “Whether that is a visionary like Svend Hovmand who first envisioned Crossville and later became its president, a life-time tile maker like John Smith who brought stability to our manufacturing and also later served as the company's president, or any of the hundreds of wonderful employees who have made our company at home in Crossville, Tenn., none of our success happens without the contributions of many hard working individuals of the highest character.”

In looking back at the three decades, Curran reflected on key phases in Crossville’s growth, which included infancy, youth and young adulthood.

According to Curran, Crossville has branched into distribution and has continued to develop its proprietary logistics programs, and has hit its stride as an 'adult.'

Curran notes, “I think we have demonstrated to the industry that we are good at what we do—making and selling tile—and that we conduct ourselves with the highest morals and a good heart.”

He shares that these standards are the foundation of the company’s aspiration for the future. “There is still a long runway ahead for Crossville,” he said.

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