1. Send a letter to your customers with an intriguing headline.

    “Is your Honey Do List getting bigger and is the couch getting lumpier?”

    “Want to get your [hot water] for free?”

    “Let me show you how to cut your [heating] bills in half!”

    “Be safe and warm all winter while you stuff your piggy bank with money.”

    “Can you really get by another [hot summer] with your old [air conditioner]?”
your company

2. Use the Internet better and your website to catch their attention.

3. Energize the Outbound CSR.

4. Offer discounts on major install work out of season from System Engineers (Sales People).

    “I’m able to offer a 5 percent discount if you’d like to do the work I proposed because I’m slowing down and my labor is cheaper. But, I can only offer this discounted price if you want to do the work in the next 30 days.”