Sam Allman

What worked well yesterday is not working well today. Tough times demand different tactics. Do you want to learn some of the methods creative retailers are using to grow -- methods that can increase your sales up to 33 percent? Do you want to know more about effective advertising, as well as cost-effective strategies for building your brand?

Then don't miss the latest NFTwebinar,"Alternative Ways to Advertise and Build Your Brand,"presented byNFTcolumnist Sam Allman and hosted by the World Floor Covering Association. The webinar includes tips on targeting your market, refining your unique selling proposition, as well as expert advice on direct marketing and examples of successful stores that are using creative methods to build their brands.

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Registration is $35. The previously recorded, one-hour event will be archived for 12 months, and also includes a downloadable slide presentation.

WFCA members can also find out more by contacting Jenny Ostad at (800) 624-6880, or e-mailing her