Certified Floorcovering Installers’ Jane Walker recently sent out a letter to the industry on behalf of member Chuck Kubich, whose daughter Karen is a breast cancer survivor. Here is his letter:

As you all know, my daughter was diagnosed last year with breast cancer. [She] moved back home this year and has put together a team for Relay for Life. [The event, aimed at raising awareness and money for cancer research,] will be held in June. Last year she was too sick to participate in any cancer events and we are very excited that we get to share in this fundraiser with her as a survivor.

I am asking you to either join our team, or help us raise the funds needed to continue cancer research. My personal Relay for Life link is listed below. When you click on it, you can either join our team or donate.

These funds are greatly needed so researchers can continue to try and find a cure. The American Cancer Society also offers many programs to cancer patients at no cost because of these funds. They give women a free wig before they start chemo and offer programs to teach them how to feel better about themselves during the treatments. My daughter used these programs and I know how much it helped her.

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Thank you in advance for any way you can help.