Within every flooring project lies opportunity. In these challenging times, we need to look harder at opportunities to increase profit margins. The commercial matting sector provides such an opportunity, while at the same time offering the flooring contractor a chance to strengthen his relationship with his client by acting as a problem solver.

Too many flooring contractors look at entrance matting as a necessary evil, or a “nuisance” portion of the job. Oftentimes high-end matting specifications are value engineered down unnecessarily, when there is profit to be made.  Some flooring  contractors pass on the entrance systems entirely, leaving it for the GC to deal with (and profit from).

The bottom line is that entrance systems are profitable and   relatively simple to price, sell, and install. Consult your local matting distributor representative for advice on the right system for the job. This will typically lead to a successful and rewarding sale.

Specification: Choosing a system that works for your customer

To ensure proper performance, every commercial flooring project requires an entrance matting system.  Specification of the proper system is often done at the architect/design stage, but these specs are often generic, out of date, and unnecessarily expensive. The opportunity is often there for the flooring contractor to consult on which commercial matting system is right for the project, drawing on his own experience, and also that of his distributor and manufacturer representatives.  

Generally speaking, a typical commercial entrance matting system consists of the following three components:

Exterior scraper mat.This mat, located outside the door, helps to remove snow, mud, etc from incoming foot traffic.  

Interior scraper mat.  This system, which is usually located in a vestibule area, helps to “wick” moisture, salt and dirt.                         

Interior walk-off mat.  Usually in front of the doorway, this mat removes excess moisture and helps avoid slip/fall issues.

Wholesale prices on these systems can range from $1.50 per sf to $50.00+ per sf.

Presentation: A professional approach

A presentation on commercial matting systems should be made at some point during the sales process. The flooring contractor that takes the time to pay attention to this important part of the job will gain his customer’s trust and confidence, and may possibly separate himself from the pack.  

Flooring contractors should work with their wholesale matting professionals to determine the best system for the application.  With proper consultation, you can ensure that the best entrance matting solution possible within your customer’s budget is installed.