1. Do a simple save frequently as you’re working in a document so you don’t spend two hours on it and the power goes out and you risk losing it.

    2. Burn a disk if it’s something you want to keep for a long-time.

    3. Copy a bunch of stuff to a jump drive.

    4. Copy a whole bunch of your data to an external hard drive [today they can hold so much and they’re so cheap you can copy your whole computer to it!]

    5. Set it up so when you’re sleeping the computer automatically backs it up to your external hard drive.

    6. Have two external hard drives and do a manual backup once a week [put a recurring note in Outlook so you remember to do it] and take one copy off site so if heaven forbid disaster strikes, you still have a copy that’s no more than a week old.

      7. Make sure if you’re networked or not that the backup is backing up the server with the shared files.

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