Here are my general thoughts about doing Happy Calls:
    1. These calls don’t tend to get you the testimonials you should be  seeking. Testimonials are critical to any effective sales and marketing programs. So, it takes great skill and training on how to get this information over the phone and then type it up and either email it or send it out via snail mail and hope that the potential testimonial and feedback actually comes back. Be aware if you can’t really use what they say over the phone for a testimonial. Happy Calls become just another step in the process. Plus, if you call right after the work is done, the customers aren’t necessarily ready to testify how great your work is or how much they love you.  

    2. They are done by too many companies in a misguided attempt to verify what is and isn’t being done in the field by their techs. But, the only true ways to know what is and isn’t happening is to either ride along and observe for yourself or to create a mystery shopping program. Happy Calls are never a replacement for these two vital programs.  

    3. These calls tend to catch a working couple who is trying to leave after you’re done with the work at an inopportune time, so it’s more of an intrusion than a welcomed call.  

    4. If you can’t or won’t do it each and every time (especially during the busy season) with each and every customer, it’s actually worse to do it at all because you trained them that you care but not always.  

    5. Another way to go is to have either your techs or salespeople use a Customer Satisfaction Survey with room for the Customer to fill in their comments. Hopefully, their written comments are favorable since they’re the only things of value in your future sales and marketing efforts once you gained permission to use them, and this should be right on the form itself. You can also capture a picture of a happy smiling customer, which makes the testimonial come to life and moves it way up the power meter for what we want and desire.

Happy Call Questions and Procedure


    1. Was your phone call handled in an efficient and courteous manner?  
    2. Did our Technician arrive on time?  
    3. Did our Technician wear shoe covers?  
    4. Was the Technician courteous and professional?  
    5. Was the job done in a timely and professional manner?  
    6. Overall were you pleased with the service [or installation] work performed?  
    7. Would you use our company again?