Walker Zanger has extended its Studio Moderne collection with the Century Suite, which was created in collaboration with interior designer Michael Berman.

“We chose the name 'Century Suite' because it is rooted in the architectural strength of the mid-20th century, with graphic and dimensional glazed tiles that create geometric and over-scaled back drops,” said Berman. “Our goal was to create original and fresh shapes with gorgeous 'Heutrals' (a neutral palette of glaze colors) that are inspired by iconic California architecture.”

The Century Suite draws inspiration from 1970s glamour, Art Deco and Neo-Egyptian architecture—exhibiting bold, graphic patterns and architectural backdrops. The minimalist concentric curves of “Highland” echo the architecture at the Hollywood Bowl (located on Highland Avenue), and the interlocking, elongated hexagons of “Montclair” are inspired by mid-century Neo-Egyptian styling. Ambassador and Diplomat are two patterns that can be used separately or in tandem and Rambler reimagines one of Studio Moderne’s most popular designs so it can be applied as a backsplash.

“We were excited to produce the next installment of the Studio Moderne collection with Michael Berman,” said Jared Becker, Walker Zanger's vice president of design and marketing. “The diverse styles of Studio Moderne: Century Suite allow designers to create new focal points in the home, using the tile as architectural decoration.”

For more information, visit walkerzanger.com.