Pergo's updated website makes shopping easier than ever before, according to the company.

"As a marketing-savvy brand, we understand the importance of a strong web presence in today’s digital shopping age," said Paij Thorn-Brooks, vice president of brand marketing for Mohawk North America, laminate and hardwood. "It is our mission to create a world class digital presence for the Pergo brand, to foster increased sales.” 

Asi Peres, senior digital marketing manager, Mohawk North America, laminate and hardwood, added, “Consumers conduct extensive research online before ever entering a flooring store. Then after they return from the store, the consumers go online again to continue their research, refine their thinking and move along the purchasing journey. A strong website is one that facilitates conversion and helps create a seamless transition for consumers down the purchase path. Our new Pergo website does just that by providing easy access to Pergo’s retail partner websites."

The updated website is responsive so users can easily browse at their convenience using their preferred device.

“Every aspect of the new Pergo site has been thoughtfully designed to simplify the shopping experience and facilitate conversion,” said Peres. “The new site includes high-resolution floor swatches and an extensive room gallery to help customers better visualize the products and get inspired to buy. The site lets customers easily share photos, videos and how-to information with friends to seek opinions and reinforcement via their preferred social media channels. Information is easily searchable on the site and customers can compare products with a single click, making selection easier. For project planning purposes, the new site provides downloadable how-to content, making planning, purchasing and installing easy.”

According to the company, the ultimate goal of the updated website is to increase product sales. A simple click of a Buy Now button places the consumer in the respective product page of a retailer’s website. Extensive brand and product educational information is also readily available on the new site, supporting prospective shoppers during their journey and providing retail partners with speaking points to help make the sale.

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