Mercier Wood Flooring has announced that Jean-Philippe Dumas has been appointed to the position of director of sales, Canada and Sébastien Mercier to the position of director of finances, Montmagny, Canada.

Dumas, who has worked for Mercier Wood since his teens, first held various positions in the factory during his university studies to then join the sales team as a representative. Over the past years, he has devoted his efforts to business development.

"Jean-Philippe is already without a doubt a leader in sales in this organization,” said Marielle Mercier, co-owner of Mercier Wood. “He has solid experience in the market as well as within the company. Richard and I are confident that his strategic vision and advice will be a considerable asset to the Canadian sales team.’’ 

Having joined the company at a young age, Sébastien also occupied several positions in the plant during his university years. He then dedicated himself to various functions at Headquarters such as operations, transportation as well as in the position of assistant controller, where he served until recently. Over past years, Sébastien has clearly demonstrated his expertise in business, among others, by implementing several major innovative projects.

"Sébastien is a results-oriented visionary,” said Richard Mercier, co-owner of Mercier Wood. “Marielle and I are convinced that his rigor, his experience in our industry as well as his analytical capacity will make our business shine both Canada and internationally.’’

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