Tarkett has introduced the Indigenous Earth Collection under the Tandus Centiva brand.

Indigenous Earth utilizes state-of-the art digital print technology to create longer pattern repeats and much more subtle color gradations for a more natural aesthetic.

Inspired by the “space in between” man-made and nature, the Indigenous Earth Collection provides a new way of viewing things. It represents a study of the way earth, wind, water and weather effect materials and objects, according to the company. Paired with cutting-edge digital technology, Indigenous Earth is a man-made version of naturally occurring phenomena. With designs like GeoGrid which imparts stone that has been eroded by a fabricated element, this collection awakens your senses and leaves you intrigued by the “space in between” manufactured and natural.

The benefits of digital printing can be seen throughout this collection. A familiar shift from neutral, touching on both warm and cool tones, to almost no color at all to a very vibrant mix of color and transition is present throughout the length of the patterns. Some designs have subtle gradations throughout the pattern, while others have very contrasting gradations. Longer pattern repeats allow intentional stark coloration differences and very distinct elements like large wood knots or rust markings to be incorporated in the design without being seen repeatedly on the floor.

For more information, visit tarkettna.com.