The Las Vegas marketplace has been changing rapidly over the last few years. As a result, we have had to adapt our business to keep up with the current market trends. Recently our company has redirected our focus on the hospitality segment, which is a direction we have taken before. In the past, most of this work has been performed by union contractors and, as the area’s largest non-union flooring company, we were shut out of this business. We are still unable to do high-rise new construction, but lately there have been a lot of non-union hospitality renovation projects. Therefore, it made sense for us to focus our resources on this segment.

Nevada Contract Carpet built its business on corporate tenant improvement work, but in the last year or so, that business has slowed. Part of what makes our company successful is that we recognize the changes that are taking place and move the company’s sales and marketing efforts in that direction. Over the years, as we have changed our business plan to better suit the marketplace, we have also focused on educating our employees—both from a sales and installation perspective—as to the specific products that work in that particular market segment.

In a marketplace where change is rapid, a business strategy must be flexible and nimble enough to accommodate what customers need. Over the years, we have come to learn that our customers rely on us to deliver products and services that offer solutions for any market, at any time and for any project. And, although our business plan is always evolving, the way we do business never really changes. A focus on the customer is the key to success. What remains flexible is the ability to provide a diverse selection of flooring needs depending on the project and its design.

Relationships are Only as Strong as You Make Them

Customers depend on our timeliness, installation quality and professionalism. One of our key strengths is that we can turn on a dime when a customer needs us to. Our good clients know that when they are in a bind they can reach out to us and we can get the job done. Relationship building is our No. 1 go-to-market strategy. Other marketing tools, although important, are secondary to developing a strong bond with our customers while building a foundation based on reliability and trust. In fact, people-to-people is a key factor in our business development planning. Ninety percent of our business is based on referral. We pride ourselves on building such a good relationship with our customers that they recommend us to other people and companies.

One of the best moves we made was to join a high-end Las Vegas executive’s association. It is an exclusive group of member owners who are vetted out by company reputation and financial strength. The great part of the organization is that there is only one company per trade so we are the only commercial flooring contractor in the group. We call on designers, architects, contractors, consultants, facility managers and developers. Working on these relationships gives our business exposure and allows us the opportunity to educate the community on the importance of a having a knowledgeable, skilled flooring professional as part of the construction process.

In fact, we recently joined the Fuse Alliance network, which we anticipate to be extremely beneficial. Through the Fuse network we will discover new ways to connect with clients, have access to suppliers so that our team can keep up with the latest flooring trends, and be more involved in national installation service opportunities, giving us another deliverable for our customers.

Knowledge in Products and Installation

An extensive showroom has been our greatest marketing tool and asset. Located in Las Vegas, our showroom displays a wide range of products, from the newest on the market to those that are the most timeless. Through our comprehensive and diversified product offering, we can constantly offer our customers the most effective flooring solution. Because we have committed to a large showroom with a variety of products, we can easily show products that fit any market segment. That’s where diversity in product knowledge and offering is extremely beneficial. Our showroom is the heart of our connection with the customer. With a showroom like ours, we also keep in close contact with our suppliers, strongly linking our sales team with flooring brands.

We conduct regular product knowledge meetings to educate and train our team. We frequently meet with manufacturers to keep up with the latest flooring trends, styles and formats as well as new product collections that are in production. Our installers are regularly trained on new products as they are launched, which allows us to maintain a high level of quality.

We are very proud of the fact that we retain our talent. We have salespeople as well as installers who have been with the company for upwards of 20 years. One of our original salespeople is still doing a great job for us, and we have hired her two sons and a nephew. They are all great assets to our company as well as the rest of our talented employees.

Flexibility is Key

We are always looking for ways to improve our business. Our customers today are more informed than ever before so we recognize that we have to keep learning so that we are up-to-speed on all the latest products and technologies. Like product development, market development sets the stage for what comes next. Staying closely connected to our customers allow us to constantly listen to their needs. Every project is another venue for us to deliver the best flooring solution but also prepares us for what can and might be next.

Projects have also been larger than years past and flooring products are being specified prior to the bid process. This creates gaps in our business both from a scheduling and a cash flow standpoint. Having a broad offering, a skilled and ready team of installers, and the ability to change gears quickly keeps us stay grounded and nimble, ultimately helping us to steadily grow our business.

We are always looking at ways to improve our business; it is our key strength. Our sales team is educated in both residential and commercial business segments. Within these segments we are able to cover all facets of the industry: ceramic, wood, stone, laminate, LVT, carpet, carpet tile, and more. When one segment slows down another segment picks up – that’s usually the nature of the business. We are always ready. Staying flexible is what bridges the gap from one segment to another.

Our installers are cross-trained through multiple products within commercial and residential to allow us to immediately respond to our customers’ demands. We regularly train our installers on new product lines as well as when we see an immediate need. This approach including our most resourceful asset, our showroom, plus our connection with the customer is a method that not only works for us on a daily basis but has also proven to have long-term success.