The International Wood Products Association (IWPA) has added an additional class to its due care training program for wood trade professionals to help them establish standard operating procedures to comply with the Lacey Act.

The training program, “Seeing the Forest and the Trees,” is designed for CEOs, CFOs, buyers, compliance staff, customs specialists, sales staff, overseas producers and exporters and was developed in partnership with the World Resources Institute utilizing U.S. Agency for International Development funding. The course provides attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the requirements of the Lacey Act as well as other important laws relevant to the trade in wood products including regulations on formaldehyde, CITES and CBP audits.

In addition to its previously scheduled Aug. 23 course in Atlanta, IWPA is adding an additional program on Aug. 22 ahead of the International Woodworking Fair. The courses will be taught at day-long sessions in an effort to arm those buying and selling wood products with the latest information about resources and procedures that will allow them to tailor a compliance system for their own market niche. 

“We’re thrilled with the interest and response on this important training program,” said IWPA's executive director, Cindy Squires. “Industry leaders are taking compliance requirements across a range of regulations very seriously, particularly in light of the recent Lumber Liquidator’s $13.5 million settlement with the Department of Justice on Customs Law and Lacey Act violations. As previous attendees have found, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to sourcing and compliance. These due diligence tools reflect the legal requirements and the industry’s need for flexibility to adjust their corporate standards and procedures based on the particular specifications of their product, the country of origin and the complexity of their supply chain.”

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