Beaulieu is happy to announce the launch of the new Stylish Beauty collection. It consists of highly styled, nicely colored carpets, all made with Beaulieu’s exclusive nylon. The Stylish Beauty collection is the obvious choice for customers who want elegant, inviting, and comfortable floors to enhance their home décor while expressing their individuality. Both stylish and resistant, these carpets make the perfect canvas for any home.

The Power of Nylon

Included in the collection are soft and inviting patterns formed by precise loop and cut placement, textures in solids, tweeds, and pin dots, in addition to loops with texture and dimensional excitement. All carpets can be installed with confidence as they are all designed and built with the customer in mind. All are easy to clean and treated to resist common stains and spills as well as everyday soil and grime. In addition, long-term performance is assured as all carpets are engineered to maximize the resistance to foot traffic and household activities.

As if all these benefits weren’t enough, these high performance carpets also feature Magic Fresh®, a revolutionary treatment that eliminates all kinds of household odors. Finally, all Stylish Beauty carpets are also certified Green Label Plus® and Scotchgard™. To learn more about the benefits of nylon and the Stylish Beauty collection visit the website: