Fuse Alliance has added the Luminary Award to its member recognition program.

The Luminary Award acknowledges and celebrates network businesses as well as individual members for exemplary service centered on the community, mentorship, leadership and/or sustainable business practices.

“Our network is made up of the industry’s most well-respected businesses in the flooring industry and our members deserve to be recognized for their leadership and contribution,” said Geoff Gordon, executive director of Fuse. “The Luminary Award puts the focus on those standout network members that are true leaders and who are setting important business examples.”

The organization’s leadership team will determine and present the Fuse Luminary Award. Open to network members only, businesses and members are first nominated by network peers and colleagues then reviewed and vetted by the network’s leadership team to determine final award recipients. Members or member businesses are nominated based on exemplary participation in any of the four official categories: Making A Difference in the Community; Mentoring The Next Generation of Leaders, Leading Business Into The Future and Creating a Sustainable Workplace. Winners will be announced at the network’s annual conference, which is held in the first quarter of every year.

For more information, visit fusealliance.com.