Brintons has once again partnered with designer Stacy Garcia for the new Altered Gravity collection.

Altered Gravity is the eighth collaborative collection from Brintons and Stacy Garcia. The collection, which includes 14 patterns, draws inspiration from diverse disciplines of the art universe; abstract expressionism collides with contemporary graphic design, and digitally rendered textures melt between layers of mixed media paintings.

“Altered Gravity is about exploring the boundaries of experimental design techniques and mediums," said Garcia. "Like my design aesthetic, the art process is ever evolving. We're constantly adapting, rearranging, adding and subtracting—creating layers that form into something beautiful."

The precision-weaving process of Axminster carpet combined with Brintons’ ability to achieve unparalleled depth and texture with up to 32 colors, brings Altered Gravity to life.

“Original works of art are translated into expressive Axminster carpet designs using complex color and textural overlays,” said Nadia Burton, design director for Brintons Americas. “Wild graphic strokes and frenzied paint splats marry with translucent floral forms to create boldly scaled designs catered to the hospitality market."

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