The Antron carpet fiber brand has introduced an advanced DuraTech, now made with a fluorine-free topical soil resistance formula that also meets the rigorous certification testing process for the Antron brand, ensuring the carpet will perform and last.

“As an industry leader dedicated to bringing innovative products with unparalleled performance to the marketplace, we saw market value in introducing a fluorine-free topical soil resistance product,” said Marc Ahrens, Antron's vice president–commercial. “After significant testing, we were unable to identify a commercially available fluorine-free product that could deliver the performance and durability benefits promised by the Antron brand. Therefore, we focused our research and development efforts on creating our own, unique chemistry and have now introduced a truly differentiated product to the marketplace.”

According to Ahrens, climinating fluorine from the soil resistance product will enable carpet mills who manufacture carpet with Antron carpet fiber to enhance their sustainability messaging, programs and certifications.

The new fluorine-free DuraTech is a patent-pending, durable soil resistance treatment that helps deliver the same performance attributes and soil resistance expected of carpets made from Antron fiber.

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