Safeharbor, a floorcovering estimating platform for commercial construction, and Pro Material Solutions, an automated submittal company, are collaborating on a data integration to expedite the process of inputting product information into the Safeharbor platform. 

The data integration will help customers to reduce costs and save valuable time, while reducing the potential for typos and errors, according to the companies. 

“By seamlessly integrating the transfer of critical product information between our two platforms, our customers are moving much faster than their competitors are moving,” stated Larry Nickerson, president of Safeharbor Software. “Further, the data integration allows for the most accurate information safely making it into the Safeharbor platform, generating exceptionally accurate floor covering estimates.” 

In May, ProMat launched its first digital solution for commercial contractors and subcontractors to efficiently build submittal and closeout packages. To date, ProMat has nearly 50 businesses using the platform.

“By integrating ProMat’s product information with the Safeharbor platform, ProMat’s innovative solution will reduce workloads for our customers, saving them time and money,” added Jerry Freeman, president of Pro Material Solutions. “The integration also dramatically reduces the chance of incorrect products being ordered by eliminating the need to manually enter extensive amounts of complex product information.” 

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