Boston-based Artaic Innovative Mosaic, designers and fabricators of custom, award-winning mosaic tile-work, has introduced two mosaic patterns to its exclusive collection, SPLASH! Revisited, revamped and more beautiful than ever. SPLASH! is back and again making waves in the architectural & design community.

Now comprised of 10, free-flowing, richly textured mosaic patterns, SPLASH! was inspired by the spontaneous movements of water and surrounding landscapes. Flowing, rippling, bubbling, dripping and cascading – the collection incorporates gentle lines to create captivating forms. The unique mosaic series presents stylized motifs of seaweed, rippling water and calming beaches.

Created by Artaic designers, Tony Nguyen and Ashley Trap, these brand new designs (Rift and Serene) and new colorways personify SPLASH!’s oceanic style.

“This revisited version of SPLASH! extracts the best part of the collection and expands on it,” said Tony Nguyen. “With its abstract repetitious patterns and overall calming feeling, there is no question why SPLASH! equates to a fan-favorite among our clients. With the new colorways and designs, we hope to provide even more favorite designs to our customers.”

The two new designs include:

Rift - Inspired by kelp, this mosaic hints at the original green plant and maintains abstraction from its inspiration.

Serene - Inspired by the sea itself, this mosaic creates a calming motion upon site.

“Cloudburst”, “Immersion”, “Carbonation”, “Breach”, “Deluge”, “Shoreline”, “Rising Tide” and “Percolate” comprise the original SPLASH! collection in its entirety – a selection of 10 Patterns and over 50 color combinations are available.

SPLASH! incorporates Artaic’s Vitreous Glass, its most popular tile material. With an extensive color palette and several finish options, Vitreous Glass tiles lend to vibrant and dynamic surfaces of mosaic imagery. Two size options are available – the 3/8-inch size offers higher resolution for smaller projects and 3/4-inch provides a lower price-point for larger projects.

The designs are multi-versatile and can be placed anywhere from an accent wall to the floor of a lobby. The collection creates an endless array of options for both residential and commercial, indoors and out. The only thing left to do is imagine the perfect space for a SPLASH! design.

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