The design team at Brintons, a leading pioneer and manufacturer of woven axminster carpet, is translating real artwork, paint strokes and vibrant expression to produce broadloom flooring designs. Their creations are at the forefront of a design trend that creates authentic hospitality interiors: dirty hands.

“In a world where we are overindulged with color, pattern and generally repetitive imagery, people are seeking designs that reflect humble hand-crafted beginnings. Dirty Hands is a trend rooted in this search for authenticity in design – from an artist’s hand,” said Brintons Americas design director, Nadia Burton. “The contemporary traveler expects hospitality interiors to be unique, have their own identity and relay a credible message.”

Brintons’ recent collaboration with artist and designer, Stacy Garcia, features a melee of experimental art techniques. The collection, Altered Gravity, effortlessly intersects contemporary expressionism with graphic art. To illustrate, Brintons and Garcia describe a Venn diagram with multiple areas of creative influence: abstract expressionism colliding with contemporary graphic design and digital textures melt between layers of experimental collage techniques. Altered Gravity emerges from the realm where these circles overlap.

To remain inspired, Brintons’ global design team conducts creative experiential workshops in the spirit of the Dirty Hands trend movement. The team uses an assortment of random materials and basic artists’ pigments to create unusual and authentic textures for Brintons’ carpet designs. Following the notion of serendipity, defined as the act of unexpectedly finding something valuable or delightful, the team carves out time to disconnect from screens and experiment – with various mediums and surfaces – to create new work.

The workshop, dubbed Serendipity 2, provided an array of happy hand-made accidents. Designers used watercolor, acrylic and oil paints and dry pastels with cello tape, tissue paper, various adhesives, corrugated sheets, ripped pieces of netting, straw, hole punched paper, pins, bubble wrap and other random typically mundane substrates to explore possible surface qualities and color combinations.

The combination of Brintons’ partnership with Garcia, in addition to the workshop series, is setting the stage for the future of carpet design – with an end goal to fulfill the desire for authentic hospitality interiors.

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