As a family business operating in developing nations, Feizy is dedicated to providing for families around the globe – particularly in the least developed countries, where one child out of every four is involved in some form of dangerous labor. As part of an ongoing commitment to ending these practices in partnership with The Global Fund for Children, Feizy donated $20,000 to the organization this holiday season.

“It is estimated that more than 215 million children worldwide are engaged in some form of child labor, and as a family business, we are committed to helping and protecting these children,” said Leah Feizy, principal. “Together with our amazing customers who made this gift possible, we can help to build a brighter future for children around the world.”

Known for its worldwide efforts to find, fund and grow grassroots groups involved with serving the needs of the world’s most marginalized children, The Global Fund for Children focuses on empowering groups that not only address many of the root causes of child labor, but also scouts, supports and strengthens those working to end child trafficking and those committed to creating equal opportunities for children living on the edges of society.

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