Soci has developed a new private-label diamond tool line called Cortena, creating a one-stop shop for its stone fabrication customers who also purchase sinks and tile. Soci consulted with high-volume fabricators and enlisted their help in field testing an array of tools and products for the new Cortena line to identify the most in-demand diamond toolings and supplies.

“Soci prides itself on its excellent customer service, relationships, and superior quality products at unbeatable prices,” said David Haymore, tooling specialist. “By adding Cortena to our sink and tile offerings, we’re not only offering higher quality products in the market, but also creating a convenient, no-hassle buying process for our valued customers.”

The new line offers power tools and blades for coring, cutting, grinding and polishing, as well as abrasives, router bits, and shop supplies. Many of the products are available in two categories: higher-end Super Premium and value-priced Premium. Included in the new line are four Super Premium cutting blades: Bridge Saw; Turbo and Contour for granite, marble, and engineered stone applications; and Speciality, which has been designed for exclusive use with marble. The Bridge Saw is available in 14, 16, and 18 in. sizes with both 20mm and 25mm segments. Contour is stocked in 5 in., and Turbo is available in 5 and 6 in. options.

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