Underfoot comfort, lower noise levels and easier maintenance are all key factors for the evolution of LVT in hospitality settings. Hospitality designers now have an ever more extensive range of options within the Aspecta commercial range with the introduction of ASPECTA ONE LVT by Metroflor. The value-driven collection features new, exclusive designs but the same high-quality surface textures, excellent design and color, durability, and warmth underfoot that are the hallmarks of the entire portfolio.

The collection boasts 46 trendsetting tiles and planks, with stimulating details, exclusive surface structures, and colors to suit every type of space. ASPECTA ONE Alpine Ridge (Mica pattern shown here) features a large-plank format with lightly faded, worn and weathered details, evoking the distressed look of wood naturally altered by the elements.

Discover Aspecta Ten at HD Expo Booth #5837.