Flooring manufacturer Kährs Group and Södra, a forest industry group, have signed a multi-year sales contract for oak logs from Södra’s members. The partnership has simultaneously been launched around development of the range and long-term oak management. The extended partnership aims to strengthen the joint value chain by leveraging the expertise of both Kährs and Södra.

“A deepened partnership with Kährs Group to develop the value of Swedish oak forests feels positive,” said Håkan Larsson, president of the Södra Skog business area. “We both have a long-term approach and appreciate the value of Swedish oak.”

Christer Persson, president and CEO of Kährs, added, “Demand for oak wood flooring has been high for a long time and we see no slowdown in the interest shown by our customers, who appreciate the versatility and wide range of design solutions this material offers. We want to further develop our oak purchasing, and the long-term approach of Södra’s business model and an extended partnership with forest owners will present us with the right conditions for achieving this goal.”

For more information, visit www.kahrsgroup.com or www.sodra.com.