The Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association, (PRSM) has released its white paper, “Introduction to The Practice of Carbon Management for Retailers,” a basic introduction to the practice of carbon management for retailers. The paper provides a background on climate change, outlines key climate-related policies at an international, national and local scale, and explains the benefits of practicing carbon management. For those new to the concept, the paper also provides practical first steps retailers can take as they begin to measure and manage their climate change impact.

The PRSM White Paper highlights examples of carbon management requirements across the world, including specific requirements in the UK, EU, Canada, Japan, Costa Rica, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, China and South Africa. While the U.S. does not have a mandatory carbon management program, there are several different local and state voluntary programs such as New York City’s Carbon Challenge. The white paper, as well as the May/June issue of PRSM Magazine, features information from the NYC Mayor’s Office of Sustainability and how the City plans to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050.

The white paper also includes the checklist, “Preparing for a Carbon Footprint,” which provides insight into the type of information facility managers need to calculate their company’s carbon footprint.

“Reducing carbon footprint is a major driver for retailers’ sustainability initiatives,” said Bill Yanek, CEO, PRSM. “This white paper is a great beginning for retail facility management professionals to implement carbon management programs for their own brands.” 

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