J+J Flooring Group recently introduced two new Kinetex products: Put a Cork in It and Tri-Plex. Both feature the human-centered properties for which Kinetex products are known, along with contemporary designs.

Put a Cork in It is an approachable yet distinctive 24”x24” carpet tile with multi-tonal cork-like flecks through 16 colorways. Tri-Plex is a 24”x24” modular tile that offers a balanced mix of modern patterning, crisp color, and product performance. Featuring 12 colorways, Tri-Plex colors can easily be mixed and matched for a unique installation.

For maximum design flexibility, Put a Cork in It and Tri-Plex can be paired with J+J’s new LVT or carpet products. Both products are textile composite flooring products, which bring the warmth and feel of a soft surface with the durability and maintenance attributes of a hard surface.

Research shows that certain aspects of the built environment, flooring included, can play a pivotal role in achieving positive and measurable outcomes related to productivity, health, safety and effectiveness. Through its design, construction, and materials, Put a Cork in It and Tri-Plex – like all Kinetex products – contribute to better acoustics, greater comfort, improved traction (when compared to a hard surface) and enhanced indoor air quality, according to the company.

Put a Cork in It and Tri-Plex come standard with PreFix, a pre-applied releasable adhesive allowing the ability to install over concrete with an RH up to 99%, reducing the need for costly moisture mitigation.

All Kinetex products have a 50% lower environmental impact than traditional flooring, and contain more than 55% recycled content and are fully closed-loop recyclable. Both collections are NSF 140 Platinum certified and have an EPD and a HPD available for complete transparency. Put a Cork in It and Tri-Plex are manufactured at J+J’s advanced vertically integrated manufacturing facility in Dalton. The industry’s first third-party certified zero-waste-to-landfill facility, it is also certified to the newest ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification, ISO 14001:2015.

For more information, call (800) 241-4586 or visit www.jjflooringgroup.com.