Lancaster, Pa.-based Ecore has updated its athletic, commercial, and corporate websites in an effort to elevate the company’s online brand presence. Ecore partnered with Baltimore-based Mission Media on the revamped sites.

The three Ecore websites now maintain consistent core branding, yet are designed to address the different audiences with uniquely curated content and specific messaging. Each site has its own designated landing page with content and information that specifically addresses the needs and preferences of each brand. The athletic site is designed to target athletic and fitness customers, while the commercial website is focused on architects and designers serving the healthcare, hospitality, corporate, education, multi-family, public buildings, retail and senior care markets. The corporate website provides information about the company as a whole, Ecore’s history, as well as links to its heritage brands, in addition to the athletic and commercial websites.

“Our updated websites feature additional content, visuals, and resources housed in sleek, easy-to-navigate formats that allow our customers to find the specific products they need by market, application area or flooring type,” said Bo Barber, Ecore’s vice president of sales and marketing. “The websites are cohesive with our latest branding and provide customized content on product detail pages depending on how the user navigated to that page, allowing us to speak more directly to our customers.”

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