The need to connect, reflect, and to simply stand still and be in the moment, is ever more compelling. As our schedules leave little time for reflection, and our digital lives remove us from our senses, we yearn for the calming power of a soft surface, the visual harmony found in nature, and for physical connection. The Off the Grid collection is a deeply textural collection of undulating patterns that mirror the natural world, contour lines that dip and yield, boundaries that blur the edges, and abstract forms forging deeper connections to the world around us.

The Shaw Contract team explored natural environments completely disconnected from their daily roles and technology. Immersing themselves in the journey and drawn to details often overlooked, they found themselves marveling at micro and macro environments. From grand landscapes to delicate and intricate patterns in moss, spider webs, and trails carved by beetles, the designers interpreted their observations into patterns and created textures reminiscent of their journeys. This collection is a product of the design team’s experience of reconnecting to their craft by disconnecting from their routine.

The collection is deeply textural and can be used to create subtle or dynamic shifts in scale and texture density. These designs evoke colors, textures, and patterns from nature and brings the human touch indoors, answering the human desire for connection with nature. The Off the Grid collection can bring biophilic elements to our built environments. The increased need for quiet and contemplative time in the workplace is answered by this collection that draws you in and calms through its palette and ever-changing, irregular textural landscape.

Off the Grid is available in two broadloom styles and four 12”x48” carpet tiles. With subtitle tight textures for busy office environments and plush textures designed to create impact and moments of pause, the variety within the collection provides designers with a product language and the ability to create unique and moments while feeling connected to a larger visual language. Constructed with UltraLoc and EcoWorxs backing and Eco Solution Q nylon, Off the Grid is Certified Cradle to Cradle Silver and assessed for impact on health and the environment. The collection is also recyclable, contains pre-consumer recycled content, and can contribute to LEED certification.

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