Tarkett announced the launch of Tandus Centiva’s Edifice Powerbond and Modular Collection, designed by Jhane Barnes.

Barnes drew inspiration for Edifice from the varying side views of city skyscrapers. Much like skyscrapers that create notable skylines, Edifice’s pattern is built of blocks and features medium- and small-scale elements within a large pattern repeat. When installed, Edifice transforms a space with a sophisticated flooring experience.

“With the design of Edifice, we wanted to impart the shine experienced when the sun hits the side of skyscrapers,” said Barnes, founder of Jhane Barnes, Inc. “We wove this shimmering depth into the carpet with the use of special metallic space-dyed yarn. Because of this technique, Edifice delivers a gleam to office spaces.”

Edifice is available in seven neutral colorways and six exciting accent colors. Rich ground base colors are used in all colorways to unify the design and provide lush, colorful space definition. The colorways carry names that evoke the flooring’s architectural inspiration, including Hancock, Empire, High Rise, and Tower. Each provides subtle directional cues depending on its installation, differentiating work spaces from meeting rooms, while offering elegant wayfinding from one end of a building to another. The coordinating brights in the Edifice line offer beautiful, bold pops of color.

For more information, visit www.tarkett.com.