Shanghai, China -- Materia, a global network of innovative building materials, will present advances in materials technology at Domotex Asia/ChinaFloor, March 20 to 22, 2018. The Material Solutions exhibition, themed “diversity,” will present of a diverse lineup of more than 300 innovative materials for building interiors.

The interior of the future calls for comfort, natural materials, better insulation, acoustic value, and sustainability. Regarding sustainability, woods, bamboo, and other biological sources have been popular due to their natural characteristics and safe use for the environment. Now, materials created from agricultural byproducts, recycled industrial waste, algae, and fungi are also popular for their dedication to a greener, eco-savvy world.

The performance of metals, glass, ceramics, and plastics are already familiar to the industry; however 2017 advances have made these materials perform even better, such as becoming more lightweight and yet remaining durable.

Thanks to these types of technological developments, the materials presented this coming year at the Domotex Asia/ChinaFloor present materials flooring, walls, furniture, cabinets, doors, sunshade and façades. Materia will also showcase specialty items, such as wooden textiles, olive tree leaf tanned leather, acoustic felt, recycled leather walls, and water hyacinth wallpaper.

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