Following Pantone’s recent announcement of Ultra Violet as its color of the year, flooring manufacturers are offering inspiration on how to use the purple shade in various settings. Zeroing in on the hue’s versatility, designers at flooring covering manufacturer Brintons discuss applying Ultra Violet in woven axminster.

“In a classic analogous scheme, the color has found its way into background layers adding a cool mysterious depth to hospitality designs,” said Mandy Middlehurst, senior designer with Brintons Americas.

Middlehurst further explains the color’s ambidextrous application saying, “Although typically paired with neutrals and soft denim blues, I have used it [Ultra Violet] as a contrasting color pop on the uppermost layers in prefunction designs.”

She suggests Ultra Violet being used in multiple layers of axminster carpet designs and in many commercial sectors: marine, gaming, public space and hospitality. “The purple shade would also work successfully in larger open areas, giving a dramatic flair to casinos and conference halls. The energy of these spaces and their capacity to contain crowds speak a similar language to the vibrancy of Ultra Violet,” Middlehurst added.

Brintons senior designer Donna Davis echoes the gaming aspect of this complex hue stating, “The violet could be used in casinos or any space where bright modern designs are specified. However, in my personal experience, I’ve used the violet to deepen cast shadows in more transitional hospitality carpets. It’s nice to add in another shade other than black to a cast shadow.”

"We are excited about Pantone’s Color of the Year choice for 2018 – Ultra Violet,” said Merrie Barnett, vice president of marketing for Phenix Flooring. “As Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone’s Director of The Pantone Color Institute, told the times, the bright purple shade ‘communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking.’ And while these are all traits we try to emulate as an organization at whole, our design team is particularly excited to see how Ultra Violet plays out in consumer’s homes. Specifically, with those consumers who gravitate toward the Santa Fe and French Quarter palettes in our Design Solutions collection. It’s an optimistic color playing off purple and blue tones that can really make a statement in the home."

Just in time for the winter markets, Surya will also be showcasing a variety of rugs and accessories in Ultra Violet.

“Synonymous with luxury, creativity and imagination, UltraViolet is the perfect choice for the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year,” said Lynne Meredith, vice president of product development at Surya. “We are seeing all shades of purple and mauve emerge as a key color for textiles and decorative accents. It is a great inspirational shade for residential and commercial spaces looking to establish and maintain a sense of grandeur and originality.”

Tile manufacturer Crossville said it carries a variety of tile options that speak to the purple trend, including Argent’s Grapes of Wrath and Grape Jelly in the Color Box collection.