Wielsbeke, Belgium -- Beaulieu Yarns recently launched a series of multi-color solution-dyed yarns, unveiling exciting potential for the high-end carpet tile market.

To be featured at Domotex 2018, the extra-resilient polyamide (PA) yarns meet the highest standards for the strongest and heaviest contract applications, such as in commercial offices, hospitality, education, and healthcare premises. The yarns are produced as multi-color solution-dyed yarns from 2600 to 3200 Dtex. Beaulieu Yarns’ in-house masterbatch department offers customers access to endless color and contrast possibilities meaning that yarns are fully customizable to suit latest trends and the incorporation of novel design patterns.

To demonstrate the design flexibility, the team focused on biophilic designs to create two proprietary designs inspired by the coast of Normandy, France and the Australian Barrier Reef. Beaulieu Yarns worked closely with key customer Tapibel on a project to test out the feasibility and resilience of the new yarns on the new tufting technology machines favored by tufters serving the high segments of contract carpet. Within the Incati brand, Tapibel will launch the resulting new carpet tile range at Domotex 2018 (Hall 11, Booth C43).

Further innovative and structured designs were also produced on new tufting technology in Brazil through Beaulieu do Brazil. It shows a replica of the barrier reef in contract carpet planks set to feature as the central design theme at Beaulieu Yarns’ Domotex booth.

“Supporting our customers’ innovation in new tufting technology is very important to us and we are therefore delighted to offer a broad series of yarns for high-end carpets that really paves the way for them to expand their creativity in tile design and structure,” said Emmanuel Colchen, global sales director for Beaulieu Yarns.

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