HPS North America recently introduced HPS Deco, which adds design elements to spaces looking for a concrete or abstract look where traditional cement based systems cannot be applied. Two products that can assist in achieving this look include Schönox AP and Schönox DSP.

The HPS Deco line can be installed as a decorative topping system for integrally dyeing, staining, and sealing with an appropriate wear surface coating or sealant. It is suitable for providing a smooth and level substrate with the addition of powdered or liquid colorant additive to add a design element under sealants or coatings such as, Sherwin Williams, Richard James, or Sika 100% solid epoxy systems. DSP Deco Aggregate is mixed with DSP to create a salt and pepper look in eight different colors: pewter, gunmetal, phantom, eggshell, pearl gray, fossil, dark saddle brown, and sandstone.

HPS Deco can be used to renovate subfloors making those renewal projects faster and environmentally responsible. It provides an extremely dense and durable surface to be stained, sealed, or polished in interior and exterior areas. It also delivers an incredible compressive strength allowing it to withstand tough traffic. HPS Deco is designed for a variety of applications from retail environments, restaurants, public building, entryways, and offices to warehouse or manufacturing areas with moderate industrial loads.

Schönox DSP and Schönox AP are UL classified, will contribute to credits to an LEED project, and have Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) that communicate information about the life-cycle environmental impact of the Schönox products.

For more information, visit hpsubfloors.com.