Calhoun, Ga.—The Movement Collection features woven cut pile Wilton patterns utilizing Stanton’s trademarked Royaltron fibers coupled with shrink polysilk. This new technique combines dimensional looks and surface interest.

The collection features rich, vibrant jewel tones and neutrals. Kinetic features a geometric maze pattern combined with layers of diamond trellis. This style is enhanced by the lower pile shrink yarns and is well defined, crisp and upbeat. Pop art is an abstract layered design with alternating recessed areas and shattered, cut piles that are mystifying and calming at the same time. Cubism is a linear and cross hatch latticework design that has multi-dimensional layers and magnitude as cut pile and shrink areas are more closely integrated and stylized.

Available in 13-foot, 2-inch width and made-to-order rugs.

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