M.K. Morse introduces Morse metal devil diamond edge cut-off wheels for metal cutting. With vacuum-brazed technology, this blade can allow for the diamond particles to adhere to the surface of the steel core, allowing heat to dissipate fast, resulting in long life and faster metal cutting. These blades are a safer, longer lasting alternative to traditional bonded abrasives that will result in cleaner work environments and improve cost per cut.

Morse Metal Devil blades offer a cost-effective option for cutting through a broad range of difficult metals, including metal studs, structural steel, stainless tubing, rebar and cast iron. These blades come in 4-1/2, 6, 7, 12 and 14 in. for use on high RPM saws, such as angle grinders, circular saws, gas powered saws, and abrasive chop saws.

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