West Conshohocken, Penn. -- A new ASTM International standard covers initial performance requirements for rigid core resilient flooring. This relatively new type of flooring is becoming popular due to its water resistance, durability, board-like feel that makes it easy to install, and availability in a wide array of designs, textures, and formats.

The standard (soon to be published as F3261) was developed by ASTM International’s committee on resilient floor coverings (F06). Manufacturers of this flooring, which features a middle core layer made of hard plastic, will now have a consensus set of performance requirements to target, according to committee members.

“We started with a set of minimum criteria for both commercial and residential applications that we could collectively agree upon,” said Dennis Bradway, corporate product and standards manager for Mannington Mills. “As we continue to refine and consider additional criteria, we must keep in mind that such criteria, be meaningful and relevant for the intended use and application.”

The creation of standards for these products is aimed at providing buyers and consumers with confidence in this product category. Testing laboratories will also be able to use the new standard to provide testing and certification services.

For more information, visit www.astm.org.