Atlanta, Ga. -- Members of the Floor Covering Leadership Council (FCLC) recently launched an installation research initiative to take an in-depth look at the current and future state of the flooring covering industry labor force.

Member associations of FCLC donated the funds necessary to kick-off the initial phase of the research project. Ongoing industry fundraising will be coordinated to generate the funding needed for additional stages of the project. The FCLC was established in 2015 as a coalition of flooring industry trade associations committed to identifying issue and developing solutions to the industry’s most pressing challenges.

Utilizing Chicago-based research firm Blackstone Group, the primary objectives of the research project includes: estimating the current size of the gaps between supply and demand of floor covering installers as well as the projection of these gaps in 5-10 years; quantifying the financial impact of the installer shortage up the supply chain; and identifying the key drivers behind the installer shortage as well as potential solutions.

Both quantitative and qualitative research methods will be deployed to help define the severity and scope of what is widely considered the flooring industry’s most complex challenge.

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