Boardroom delivers a contemporary stone look with an updated color palette. Boardroom is rendered in a muted, calming neutrals that offer the ultimate in design latitude: warm Ivory; medium Taupe; Light Gray, with green undertones; Dark Gray, with hints of blue; and Black. All the shades are subtly variegated to mimic the expressive play of natural stone. The multiple unglazed finishes and modular sizes of this collection also allow for unique design options. Boardroom, an unglazed double loaded through-body rectified porcelain tile offers three surface finishes, matte, polished and structured.

All colors are available in 24x24 in. rectified (matte and polished finish) and 12x24 in. (matte, polished and structured finishes) rectified sizes, as well as 12x12 in. bricklay and hex mosaic, both available in a matte finish. Trim pieces include a 3x12 in. matte or polished bullnose, a 6x12 in. matte cove base, and 1x6 in. matte cove base exterior and interior corner pieces.

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