Miami, Fla. -- Fila Solutions announced two major management changes for 2018. Francesco Pettenon has been named CEO and Jeff Moen to general manager of Fila America.

Francesco Pettenon represents the third generation of this family business. In 2000, Pettenon joined Fila as an area manager for England and Ireland. After coordinating a Fila branch office in Germany, he became sales director for countries outside of Italy. With a master’s degree in Business Administration, Pettenon continued his advancement through the company serving in a myriad of managerial positions.

Pettenon strongly believes in his company’s core values stating. “A successful company which focuses only on the right products and services to a market, without respecting the environment, empowering its people and without leaving value to the society cannot be considered successful,” he said. “It is only jeopardizing the future of new generations.”

Jeff Moen is transitioning into the role of general manager for Fila Solutions America, with an added focus on increasing profitability as well as brand positioning. Since 2013, Moen has been responsible for the firm’s sales and marketing in North America. Moen has been instrumental in Fila’s focus to bring innovative products to market, thus increasing sales growth and market penetration.

“With each successive generation of management, Fila has developed new and innovative products for the evolving market,” said Moen. “We are excited to be expanding our already comprehensive product line by introducing Fila Marble Aid which was also named ‘Most Innovative’ at this year’s Surfaces Expo in Las Vegas.”

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