Jinjiang, China -- China Ceramics Co., announced that Jiadong Huang, founder, resigned as board chairman and CEO. His resignation was for personal reasons and was not for any disagreements with the company or the board. Huang will continue to be engaged with the company as a special advisor.

Also effective as of June 17, 2019, the board appointed Meishuang Huang, the company's assistant to the CEO, as the company's successor chair and CEO; Meishuang Huang is Jiadong Huang's daughter. Ms. Huang, 34, has been employed at the company's treasury department from August 2008 to August 2013. From September 2013 to present, she has been employed as the CEO's assistant. Ms. Huang holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from JiMei University, Xiamen and a postgraduate diploma from the Executive Development Program from Xiamen University.

"The company is very grateful to Jiadong Huang for his contributions to the company, which were vital to its record of development and growth," said Liu Jun, a member of the Board's nominations committee. "The company will continue to benefit from Huang's experience as he will be engaged with the company as a special advisor, which we believe will contribute to our growth." "We are very pleased to announce the appointment of Meishuang Huang as the company's chair and CEO. After an extensive search, we believe that Meishuang Huang has a thorough understanding of the company, its operations and the ceramic tile industry which is of great value to the company. Further, the board views Meishuang Huang as uniquely positioned to take the helm of the company due to her close work with Jaidong Huang over the years. We are confident that Ms. Huang will enable us to surmount current challenges and that her experience and vision for the company will enable it to reach new heights."

Ms. Huang added, "I am proud to have been appointed by the board to lead this company and its renowned ceramic tile brands. In the days ahead, I look forward to working with Jiadong Huang, our board of directors and the executive leadership team to transition into my new role. I believe that our competitive advantage continues to be our culture of hard work and dedication, modernized facilities, production expertise and exceptional creativity which has resulted in a wide range of products that has accorded China Ceramics a reputation for excellence."

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